10 awesome tools to start your art journey

So I recently zeroed in on art as a passion to pursue along with writing. Its a vast arena to pursue but there is always the magic of creating something original. Its also a more evolved way to express. All of which came organically to me that led me to scream it out on paper. At first I began scribbling, but there is a way to pursue this chaos and structure it to create something new. I am still learning each day, but owning up to my imperfection is what lets me continue further.

In the pursuit of art, I’m still floating around like a half- hatched egg which is truly a bliss. Art is quite vast and you have plenty to choose from to pursue just that one thing with focus. There is tons to explore, learn, experiment and eventually create here and this possibility is what excites me the most.

You can’t separate art from life. We breathe it almost everyday. It has been our constant companion in every stage of life whether we accept it or not. When we scribbled on the corners of our notebook, doodling on the benches of our school, drawing moustaches on the newspapers, biology diagrams, elementary exams, engineering drawing, submissions all these have been our learning ground. Some of us who could still survive after these phases perhaps had their calling. Some like me took an entire round trip around the earth to figure out that.

But what does it take to pursue art? The basics. Literally just the basics.

There are two parts to pursuing anything are epiphany and routine. One that gives you the kick and the other is mundane to follow. The kick varies for everyone based on what excites you about the passion. The other is the actual act of pursuing which is as mundane as brushing, bathing or even breathing. So whether it is pursuing art or anything else, you have to keep going every day. Build a routine and make it a habit.

So before we go to the tools, we need some pre-tools and you may be worried with what I am about to say, but hang on don’t turn over just yet.

  1. Yoga Mat


Well don’t be. I can vouch from personal experience, that some sort of physical movement to keep your joints especially the neck and spine strong are mandatory for pursuing any skill. Especially a skill like Art i.e. sketching or painting can be quite literally a pain in the neck if it is not built well. So I say, before picking up your art tools, pick a mat and go !

exercise, female, fitness-2727123.jpg
Bhujangasana or the serpent pose – cures all the muscle pain

Ok now that we have this sorted, lets get going. Whether you plan to pursue digital or any other medium, I guess you first need to get hands on the basic equipment of sketching. The basis of all part begins on a blank page. Agree?

So hop on to grab some sketchbooks, basic pencils and a good deal of basic coloring tools and you’re good to go.

2. Sketchbooks

3. Pencils Sketching and Colored

4. Colors – pastels, doodling pens, brush pens

5. Paints

Whatever medium you plan to pursue, it helps to just experiment with paints. Acrylic or oil or gouache or even a simple watercolor set that primary kids use. It really is a great way to understand colors, paper, composition etc. It really helps to give your hands more ease with using brushes, understand pressure and just color mixing. Start with some basic sketches and move on to painting them and gradually adding more elements as your progress further.

6. Rangoli

7. Clay

8. Idea bank

9. Pinterest, Moodboards, Newspaper cuttings, old magazines

10. Digital Tool

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