The Year after

Its been 6 days into this year and I feel nothing but Deja vu. This time last year was the same. We sprung into a new decade and with it we stood on the brink of everything that was next level. Most of our predictions and sci-fi movies culminated by 2020 and truly we all were ready to get into next gear.

Little did we know that it would be a complete opposite. A complete stop. Our gears were suddenly stopped and the mind wanders on the empty roads in March when we could literally hear the noises in our own heads. It was so deafeningly quiet then. 10 months later what have we moved into. Complete chaos, paranoia, and some more. Every basic activity is now done with caution, and selfishness is the new community love.

What seemed like a rude gesture is now an act of conscience. As we crawled into this year and turned the calendar page over, I was busy warding off cold cough and any slightest symptoms of the novel virus. I kept sniffling like a dog checking my smell buds or tasting like a squirrel to see if those are working too. This virus has given us a whole gamut of emotions which we haven’t felt in years. And despite the excessively upbeat population around me virtually, I feel like I need to get to this party a little late. And I did. Despite repeating the resolutions this year, I added a new one to my list : to travel inwards and never stop in that journey. The only promise I kept to myself since then. And hopefully will till the end of time.

Happy new year dear me and dear world!

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