Queen Bee

I grew up thinking

I had to follow rules

To everything they said

I had to be a mule

I never thought there could be another way

For they say you’re a woman,

that’s how things will stay

I bobbled my head for every milestone

Thinking in my head

Am I ever going to find my zone?

Then one day I looked up at the sky

And remembered an old story

About the earth that was really wry

They thought the earth was round, sometimes it was flat

They assumed it to be, until they found it was never just that

So I learnt, that we must question and defy,

For what is the point to always comply

And then it occurred to me,

that my bobble cannot be someone’s truth

I have my own dreams & desires

I aspire for them, it is my only route

I am the woman that only I want to be

It may ruffle some feathers,

Raise some eyebrows but I’m sure

They will someday see

I can be your support, I can be your anchor

I can be everything you need me to be,

But I cannot be just that,

In my heart I am always the Queen Bee.

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25 thoughts on “Queen Bee”

  1. Amazing poem Swapna ji. We did a blog hop with the theme womanhood and this would have been a perfect write up for that. Keep the beautiful work going.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    1. Thank you so much Manasji. I got a bit late in submitting the post but was hoping to participate in the campaign. Will do next time for sure.

  2. We’ve been made to believe many things while growing up and those conditioning have shaped us. But the moment we start thinking differently and break those conditioning, we will be a different person.

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