Man on mountain

Keep it together

I can see a million faces tremor,
As I move my hand north further
I told them, I was adjusting the hair
Don’t worry you’re not in despair

All the world is coming to a standstill
Only time will tell if we go uphill
It’s a lesson from the universe
That the future could get adverse

So lets keep it together
Respect the nature
Its time to retain the humane
To subvert our own bane

The earth is giving us another chance
To be woke and take a stance
This is now our moment to not panic
Even though it seems like it is our Titanic

We’ve survived terror, we’ve survived the Tsunami,
We will survive this, and remember Murakami
What he said about the storm and about life
We will survive, taking everything in our stride

This too shall pass, albeit the night may be longer
But let the fear not transform into a monster
Let it remind us of being humble
We do need to step out of this bubble

For the first time, we are all in this storm together
We are in it as a race, no creed, no color, not even the border
If we drown in it, it may all end
But if it doesn’t, then we have a chance to mend

We have a chance to transcend across our own mind
If fear united us, then why should peace not bind
Tomorrow morning as the sky clears
Lets promise ourselves to clear our arrears

As we all are bound to our homes
Watching the news that is chilling to the bones
One thing we must all do amidst sanitizing
And the frequent washing and crazy advising

Watch the news and follow the rules
But don’t over do and become fools
The crazy chaos of the Whatsapp spreading rumour
Wash your hands again and enjoy the humor

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