#MyFriendAlexa season 5 is here!

So Alexa month is upon us. Its been six months, life is on an indefinite pause, but Alexa is here!

This year’s Alexa season 5 is so much fun with the new Blogchatter site, and its amazing features.

Looking forward to reading and collaborating with such an energetic community. Can’t wait to read and post!


10 thoughts on “#MyFriendAlexa season 5 is here!”

  1. Hi Swapna, I read your ‘Colour Me Black’ post about unfounded pregnancy-related superstitions, but couldn’t comment there as there was no comment box. Even when I clicked on ‘No Comments’, no box popped up. Maybe you could look into that?
    I would love to know if your delivery was premature or right on time, so you were able to effectively debunk these superstitions?!

    1. Thank you so much Noor. I have fixed the comments box issue on the post, you can try again and let me know if the issue persists.

  2. Dr Bushra allaboutthewoman

    Indeed I’m also super excited for this year #MyFriendAlexa challenge as Blogchatter reloaded.

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