Day Z for Zeroing

When we were little,
it was just natural,
to brush off the dust,
and get up when we fall

It was normal
to wake up and seize the day
even if things went wrong
and happiness moved a little away

So then what happened along the way
When failure felt like castaway
We made our lives miserable
No success, would mean dismay

But then on a strange lazy day, I saw something
Inspiration comes any way, if you’re open
The idea made my blood gushing
And it sprung me out of my slumping

Why does a spider enjoy being in its own web
Why does it love to be entangled in its own mess
If it could just stay on trees, away from the stress
But then where would it be if not for this unique address

Pursuing art is like that spider
You pursue till the heart feels full
And even on days that it does not fulfil your desire
There is still a new you, like a raging bull

You fall, hurt, dust yourself and pick up
You go back to zero albeit with a new you
No matter how many times you fall, you still buck up
Coz adding zeros later is always profit accrue

For if we ever are lost in the web like the spider,
Only art can make the mess look magnificent
It may look empty to an outsider,
but what pleasure in creating that could be infinite.

And with this a beautiful month comes to an end. Never have I ever lived a month, with so much excitement and exhaustion at the same time. Its a vulnerable time to be living in, and yet there is hope, excitement to create something from zero. Whether its our own pursuit of art, or our lives in the real world, in a pandemic free world. The zero is not empty, it carries the amazing lessons of life, and thrusts us to live life with more vigour and never ever stop trying. You never know, but there’s always a possibility.

Thank you to all my readers for this giving me the zeal to write every day, even if I got late. Your views have kept me going and will continue further too. I plan to have some interesting features on the blog, and will keep engaging with you all, ever so often. Until then Cheers!

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