Day Y for Yearning

The heart feels too heavy today to be able to write anything, since it sank in the afternoon.

The news screens were flashing with ‘ Irrfan dies at 53’ and I just sat down. Shocked and deeply saddened at this, the pain was perhaps more than a relative passing away. I wonder why.

What an incredible life he must have built, to be an artist, give so much joy to everyone around, just through his art.

He may have not even met people in the world, like me, who today have shed a silent tear for him, but such was his impact. He felt like he was one of us, so enigmatic, a genius, a regular man and yet a phenomenal persona. He could blend so many different kinds of styles in his performance that it would leave you asking for more. A secure actor, who did not bother about screen time, but always yearned for bringing out subtle nuances in every performance. You wanted to root for him, because he was so relatable and not really over the top ever.

One of my most favourite performances of him has to be Piku and Qarib Qarib Single. Piku was all about the father and daughter, but its only when he comes into the picture, do you find how much fun the whole movie suddenly becomes. And Qarib Qarib is such a beautiful mature love story, which I’m going to be watching for over and over again.

Roohdaar from Haider should get a special mention. Nothing can beat the genius of that performance where he walks in the snow and makes a chilling entry. But as I watch thousands and thousands of tweets, posts and blogs about his genius, I well up. Can’t imagine he is gone, though he was never in our faces as a celebrity. He came, made a beautiful movie each time, and quietly walked away. On our good days and bad ones he sailed us through, giving us a lifetime full of beautiful memories to hold on to.

He’s still here, will forever be. Yearning to be an artist, and his fans yearning to watch him.

Irrfan Khan, the magician.

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