Kahaani Me twist

Content creation has become the new word of this year, that has been exploited endlessly thanks to COVID-19. Every where, on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp or even an SMS, its all about creating high quality content that has us asking for more.My innocent google searches about SEO and backlinks also have started rendering sponsored ads …

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So I have my #StillAlice moments every few days. I have to keep reminding myself about my life, revisit an entire span of 35 years lest I get caught in a mundane routine life. Why you ask, well all this happens when you have time.  I have because I’m on what they say respectfully – …

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The stoned night

“Do you have fever”, said the nurse at the Ruby Hall hospital’s emergency ward. “No”, I said. “Do you feel pain below your tummy”, she asked. “No”, I said. She twisted her eyebrows and I sensed that she wasn’t too happy serving a patient who had absolutely no complaints and was yet brought to the emergency …

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